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Kitty Hawk Flyer, The Flying Car

  All those concepts watched in science fiction movies with time may soon become a reality. This time Larry Page, the founder of google bankrolled kitty hawk company to manufacture the first flying car as you see the images of it's prototype (early sample) aircraft. The mission of kitty hawk flyer is to make personal flight a reality as stated on their website.

  The kitty hawk flyer is an all electric air craft that is designed to fly over water and may be legal to fly over uncongested water areas in United States. It doesn't require a pilot's licence to fly and quite sad the company has no plans to ship it out side USA.
  The exact use of the flyer is not yet said and no price set for the retail version, but you can sign up for membership at $100 to get a $2000 discount on a complete flyer. 

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