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Kenya decides, The Election Countdown, 39 Days To Go

Still an insight on pillars of jubilee's government and how it scored;

Pillar 2:

On economy, Jubilee promised to ensure double digit growth in the first 5 years in office. The country's GDP growth, the country's economy has grown by 2% and has been reviewed down by World Bank and IMETHI casted out by the possibilities of administration to achieve double digit target in it's first term in office and have changed that shortly. 
The government has performed poorly in managing debts.
The government has been critised for great appetite for loans to finance it's infrastructure development projects.

On food and security, the government has performed badly, despite the investment in garani kolalu irrigation scheme internal river which is yet to be launched, the country is grappling with severe food shortage occassioned  by a prolonged food drought that has resulted into higher costs of living. 

On manufacturing and I.T, the country has made a force to revive ailing manufacturers such as Mumya's sugar company, parmpaper museum wabuya, but others have been closed. 

Government has also made satisfactory progress in addressing the land questions at the coast, they issued out title deeds to many residents in Aru region.
Government has also made investment in solar energy and Geothermal wind.

Pillar 3:

Jubilee promised to slay the drag on corruption and still there. The government's development agenda has been flogged by many scandals and controversies that scuttled it's plans like the 781 million shillings national youth service scandal though they, it's still being worked on.

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