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No Vehicle Inspection Deadline

Minister clarifies that the deadline has just been removed and the exercise should continue. Before clouds of speculations had formed around the deadline for the vehicle inspection exercise provoking parliamentary legislators to react on the matters with fears of congestion at the inspection centers. 

Clearing the dust, the minister of states for works and construction, General Edward Katumba Wamala dismissed the speculations of 30th June vehicle inspection deadline earlier circulated.
In a statement General Katumba Wamala said that;  
Hon minister presented a statement on the floor of the parliament which stated there was no deadline on provision of the service.
The Hon speaker agreed and ruled that any announcement to this effect should stop and the ministry will run an announcement that there's no deadline.

Shading lights on the exercise, he clarified that private small vehicles are to be inspected twice annually and once for heavy trucks.
The inspection frequency is in consideration to how often the car hits the road. The minister cautiously stated intend to hiring foreign company for the exercise. He further says, unfamiliar to the exercise, it was necessary to borrow a leaf from already established countries.

Attributing to the rampant road accidents in the country to the dilapidated vehicles on the roads,  the minister reaffirms inspections will ensure good conditions of cars driven on the roads.

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