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How To Share Whatsapp Live Location On Android and iOS

Emulating her social sister facebook messenger, the facebook owned massaging app, whatsapp has added another new feature that let's you share your current location already existing in messenger.
The add on will allow the users to share live locations to keep on track with their chatments. The sharing is available in 3tiers, 15minutes, 1hour, 8hours and it's upon user to choose the time interval that suit them. Just like any other whatsapp messages, the feature is also end to end user encrypted.
On Android
*Open the whatsapp tab
*press on the chat tab
*select any user
*select the attachment tab

*select location 
*make sure you location is enabled in settings.

On iOS
*Open the whatsapp app
*open chats
*select any contact of your choice
*press the ➕ button in the left upper corner
*select the location and enjoy asap.

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