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Tecno CX(10) Launched

Finally the successor of Tecno C9 is here ahead of several rumours. We were anticipating C10 but, Tecno changed the concept and used Roman numerals instead. CX is now the latest device from tecno in the C Series.
Being known as the flagship smart phone brand in Africa, Tecno continues to maintain it's spot after launching the tecno cx, now let's just wait for this giant smartphone whether it will shake the African market.

The Tecno C series is most known for superb cameras whoever the Cx is next to none specs wise. We tried out level best to disclose all the specifications you need to know about the Cx and it's upon you to add it on your shopping list or ignore it.

Display: the device comes a  5.5 inch HD screen with1920*1080 resolution and pixel density of 400PPI. The device also has a full metallic body with water drop screen. 

Storage: the device is equipped with 2GB of RAM, internal memory of 16GB and it's SD card can be expanded up to 128GB.

Camera: the device parks dual cameras both back and front. The back camera features 16MP with dual flash and capable of capturing moments at 120 degrees angle while the front one has 16MP with dual flash as well. 

Battery: The phone comes with a 3200mAh Li-Polymer battery featuring light speed charge and can last for 24 hours of heavy use.

Full specifications:

  Physical Size:5.6mm
  Pixel Density:400 PPI
  Features:1500:1contrast, 2D display
  Screen size:5.5 inch

  LED flash:Yes
  Rear camera:16mp with 120 degrees wide angle capacity
  Front camera:16mp

  System chip:MediaTek 6750T
  Processor:1.5GHz Octa core
  System Memory:2GB RAM
  Internal Storage:16GB ROM
  Storage Expansion:Yes, up to 128GB
  O.S:7.0 Nougat

  Light speed charge

  Dual sim :Dual micro sim

  Wi-Fi, mobile hot-spot
  USB:2.0,micro usb


3.5mm headsets
Power adapter charger
USB cable 

  Other photos


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