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All You Should Know About Ransomware, WannaCry, "The Cyber Attack "

The world is still mourning the Cyber Attack, this all started on 12/05/2017 when computer networks lost access to their data on computers. According to statistics more than 200,000 computers' (especially Microsoft based) data was encrypted from more than 150 countries. The attack did not spare big organisations, government agencies and private companies including National Health services, Nissan Motor Co and others.

Ransomware is a malware (malicious software) designed to target users' data. Once the computer is infected, the user looses access to data (data is encrypted) and  required to pay a specified fee to the perpetrators to decrypt data. According to the recent wanna cry, the victim was required to pay a fee $300 within 72 hours, failure to meet the allocated time, the fee was doubled or you had to loose your data permanently.

The attack is said to have been spread through email phising, usually the perpetrators send an email with a malicious link and once clicked you become a victim. Most organisations were affected by the attack since most of them were using outdated software and find it costly to update their systems. Microsoft introduced it's security patch called critical to deal with the problem and the patch only works if installed.

Here is some of the measures you can take to deal with ransomware,
Test and discover data recovery procedures to secure your data effectively.
Patch up the systems especially Microsoft browsers with all it's plugins.
Always update the systems, don't risk this can happen again. The perpetrators can easily alter the code of the malware and attack again.

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