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Google Assistant vs iPhone Siri

During the keynote at the Google I/O conference 2017, the company rolled out Google Assistant. The App is available for download from the Apple App Store. The app (Google Assistant)  features search engine and slick design.
Some iOS embraced the Assistant because of their mixed reactions with Siri and hope Google Assistant can change the game. This raises questions whether Apple's acquisition of Dark Data and Google's promise of a full stand alone App will make improvements. It's upon a time to see if Google Assistant will dominate or be the second best.
Now it's upon you to stick with Siri or try Google Assistant.
iPhone is built on Siri integration, this gives it an upper hand to access device system than Google Assistant. This makes it appear like a third party programme since it is just downloaded from the Apple App Store.
With Google Assistant, you're required to tap an extra button to confirm the actions. You can't use it in car while Siri is deeply integrated into the car's Bluetooth system. All you need is to long hold the iPhone home button or hit an assigned key on the steering wheel. Google Assistant lacks this level of integration hence making it a nonstarter in the car.
Google Assistant is more conversational compared to Siri.
On shopping, both have shopping lists, but Google Assistant is faster and slicker to use than Siri.
You can't launch Google Assistant using iPhone home button or voice command like it is  with Siri.

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