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Opera Reborn, A Browser To Change Your Browsing Experience And chatting Online

Opera is most popular for it's mobile browser, "Opera mini". On the other side of desktops and laptops, the competition is quite stiff between Opera and other browsers like Chrome, Edge and Firefox.
This year Opera in it's errand to change the browsing experience, it introduced Neon browser with streamlined features like free VPN, native ad blocking and battery saver. In innovation world usually exits no comfort zone, Opera released a new browser codenamed opera reborn with  cool features of Neon and also more improved. 

Opera answered one of the questions frequently asked by friends if it's possible to use whatsapp on their computers, i always recommended them to install the Android Emulators. Unfortunately some emulators have their Cons and Pros. Now my answer is Opera reborn. 

Opera reborn is changing the concept of browsing and chatting online, previously you had to exit one tab and switch to another. The new browser allows you to run different tabs simultaneously.
On the side of messengers, the concept of downloading Android Emulators to use social apps like Whatsapp and Telegram since they are pre-installed. All you need is to sign in to your social apps and you can either use them in overly or pin them side by side for full browsing experience while chatting. The browser allows you to run more than one tab for messengers by easily switching between tabs using the assigned shortcut keys, (⌘ + ⇧ + m on macOS and CTRL + SHIFT + m on Windows and Linux).

Opera is improved with ad blocking capable of reloading automatically a page when toggling ad blocking while you're on or off for that page. 
On matters of security, the browser can warn to prevent submission of sensitive information to non secure websites. It further improved the browser layout with high quality graphics making the tabs lighter, simplified and more  elegant. Most of it's Graphics Processing Units are purposely designed to code videos efficiently hence ensuring high video flamerates, higher resolutions and lowering the battery usage for the videos online.

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