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Facebook Is Rolling Out Profile Picture Protection

Facebook takes your privacy too serious that's why it's rolling out different security measures to it's users to avoid manipulation of their privacy. In some cases you find strangers tagging your photos, with this new feature, it will disable downloading, tagging, sharing, sending photos in messages  and capturing (screenshots on Android) of profile pictures.

We hope to see this support eradicating use of photos not owned both on facebook and on other chatting networks as it is on some dating sites, some malicious people use third party photos to defraud others.
However there's a room for users to capture  screengrabs on laptops and desktops and hope with time it will be dealt with.

Facebook is rolling out this support to cater for the interests of the Indians especially ladies. In most cases, ladies in India didn't want to upload  profile pictures on facebook because privacy matters. 
Facebook partnered with the security organizations of India like Learning Links Foundation that cater for safety of Indians online. This feature is available only in India, hope with time it will go global.


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