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Facebook Rolls Out GIF Feature IN Comments

Facebook has added the long awaited GIF feature to the comment tab. The feature is available globally across all platforms and devices supporting GIF. The  GIF enthusiasts now can be able to comment using GIF. The feature also allows to search and comment with your GIF on the status of a friend or a page. The GIF support is on the same line next to emoji.

Facebook reached this mile stone when GIF was celebrating it's 30th anniversary. The GIF has Giphy studio's prominent faces around the internet, wishing GIFs like  birthday wishes and among others.

Facebook now joins the footing of  messenger who rolled out the the GIF  feature to it's users  back in 2015. According to the statistics over 13 billion GIFs were sent last year. Now facebook being the  giant social media with over 1.2 billion users, we anticipate the bars to raise higher.

One of the downside i came across the GIF feature, it's not data friendly (consumes alot of data), you need to recharge a bigger bundle to search the GIFs without being disconnected.

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