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Facebook Adds On A New Feature, Find Wi-Fi

It's almost every day passes by, facebook adds a handy of features to it's app. In a row facebook has added the GIF comment feature and the profile picture protection support to it's platform.
Facebook understands the necessity of being connected that's why it's unveiling the "Find Wi-Fi" feature for users. The feature has been under test for  quite a month of Sundays since last year in a select countries for iOS users. Find Wi-Fi is now available globally for everyone across Android and iOS users. 

The feature (find wi-fi) is intended to allow users to locate hotspots near them shared by businesses with facebook on their page. The major target is the users traveling and those in areas with scarce connection. This is a great move taken by facebook to keep It's 2 billion monthly users glued to the network.

To use the find Wi-Fi feature, open the facebook app and scroll on more tab and select Find Wi-Fi. Now enable the feature to find the hotspots near you on the map.
One of the key points to note, once you enable it, facebook will be in position to turn on it's Location History tracker and keeps tabs on all visited places.

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