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Pr-EP, An HIV Prevention Drug

We are living in the Era where everything is commercialized, surprisingly  even sex. Calling it a porn generation hope am not wrong. The generation where girls prefer contradicting HIV to conceiving is really ridiculous.

Are we really safe, do you ride with a helmet on or you are just reckless on slippery roads without helmets?. Besides joking, life is precious, it's irreplaceable take care always.

The new drug code named Pr-EP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)  is made to help the HIV negative people from acquiring HIV. The include those at the substantial risks like the commercial sex workers, men who have sex with men, long truck drivers, serodiscordants, heterosexuals and the Transgender.

As per medics, the drug doesn't work immediately and the person is supposed to take a daily pill for at least 7days to be effective. Clearing the air further, people shouldn't anticipate the risky sexual encounters in the evening and take it in the morning and think you will be protected.

In December 2015, South Africa became the first country in sub Saharan Africa to issue full regulatory approval of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (Pr-EP) and to include it in it's National HIV programme. Basing on the statistics, Pr-EP, reduces the risks of acquiring HIV by 90%.

With the roll out of the drugs in countries like Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and other African countries we are optimistic that the escalating HIV epidemic will reduce with time in Africa and world at large. 

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